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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Re-treatment

Endodontic Surgery

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What Our Patients Say About Us

I was not looking forward to having a root canal. But within seconds, Dr. Amburle and his assistant made me feel completely at ease. Everything went smoothly. They explained exactly what to do following the procedure, even checking up on me the next day.


Dr. Amburle and his assistant were phenomenal. I had a root canal done for the first time and was very nervous and anxious. Both of them explained the procedure thoroughly and consistently checked on me during the procedure to make sure I was feeling okay. Dr. Amburle calls within 24 hours of the procedure to check in on you too. I highly recommend them.


Dr. Amburle and made the whole process much easier then I was anticipating. Being an anxious person on the best of days on “root canal day” I was a wreck – they made the process very comfortable and managed to ease my stress level. The process was very quick and painless. I’d absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone. What made me even more impressed was the follow up phone call I received from Dr. Amburle checking on me the day after the procedure.


Dr. Amburle just called to check on me 24 hours after my root canal. I was already extremely impressed by his professional manner and expertise but this just puts my experience over the top! He’s a master at putting patients at ease by explaining exactly what needs to be done. Sign me up for another root canal with him anytime.


Great Dr. Explained everything to me in detail for a root canal. Made me feel very comfortable and also followed up woth a phone call the next day. Very professional


I would like to thank Dr. Amburle and his lovely assistant, for the excellent experience.


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